Good and Bad Comments

Comments are essential to increase the quality of work and give proper feedback to the authors. A prime example of how important comments are, is on a blog like mine. Blogs were created to deliver a message to an audience and get feedback on their work. When making a comment remember to use a profile picture that represents you. You won’t look professional if you hide behind another character or person. Also, you need to keep your name professional so people will take you seriously.


Photo Credit: Public Domain from Pixabay

Types of bad comments

  • If you dont not like the writers opinion you try to insult him
  • You say something that may be rasict or offensive
  • You threaten the writter in any way
  • You have a lot of grammar mistakes

Before writing your comment make sure you follows these rules to insure the comment gets read

  • Try to be the first comment
  • Write a detailed comment that are informative and valuable to the discussion
  • Check previous post to see if the writer will take you seriously



Photo Credit: Public Domain from Pixabay

Now let’s start with the comment itself.

  • Read the whole post before commenting
  • Never add any links in the comment
  • Use large words and captivate the readers
  • Try to refrain from the word and
  • Be respectful and never use words that may offend anyone


Hopefully this blog gave the reader some insight on how to create an comment in a respectful, enlightening way that tells the reader your point of view, without putting someone else views below you. Remember that comments were created for the sole reason to give feedback and contructive critism to content without writing anything that could offend someone. Remember that comments can be a useful tool to connect with others but that can only happen if you use this feature in a respectful manner.

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The iPhone is Amazing

Image above is copyleft under GNU Free Documentation License.

Electronics have impacted many of our lives and made it easier to complete certain tasks with them. The image shown above is a picture of an iPhone. The significance of this one electronic is how it can complete tasks that would originally take hours, take seconds like checking store inventory and searching for a phone number. Because of my age I used this device for more entertaining purposes like watching videos on my phone and playing games on the app store. It can also be used for educational purposes like quickly researching and typing notes down when you don’t have a pen and paper. This iPhone has made normal tasks interesting and made everyone who uses the devices lives more productive.

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