Pixlr Final Week

During our final week working on our Pixlr projects, my partner and I were completing our powerpoint and Screencastify videos. The purpose of our powerpoint was to show all the different skills we’ve learned from Pixlr. The powerpoint will show a combined total of 5 projects that show our understanding of Pixlr. For any reader who doesn’t know, Pixlr is an image editing software that is similar to Photoshop but is free and we have been learning how to use it for the past few weeks in our IP 10 class.

Via Google Images

Our Final Project is a powerpoint that will display each of the 5 projects, and descriptions on what we have learned while creating those projects. We will also have 2 Screencastify videos that my partner made that go into detail step by step tutorials on Pixlr. The 4 functions that we focused most of our time with were the Magic Wand Tool, Text Function, Merge, and Color Replacement Tool. We had already completed those 5 projects and spent the last week entirely on what we are presenting to the teacher and our fellow students. My partner and I have put a lot of effort into our final project and we are sure that our whole class will learn something from our presentation. My partner and I are planning to learn more functions on Pixlr in the upcoming Week. We have enjoyed learning and using Pixlr and feel that we have an important skill that will help us in the future.



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