Pixlr Project Update

In our Ip 10 class, for the past week, we were working on our final exam projects. This blog is an update to my Pixlr project. For anyone who doesn’t know Pixlr is an image editing software similar to Photoshop but is free. I thought it would be fairly helpful to learn basic editing because we are moving into a more technology-based society. This past week, there has not been much work done on my project due to an infection in my throat and a fever which made me stay home for most of the week. What I have accomplished was using the shading tool to change the skin color of a human I found on the internet.

This is the original image I used before I started testing some of Pixlr features on it. I originally wanted to change the man’s skin color and replace his nose and ears, but due to my illness, I was unable to complete the second part of my goals.

I used the shading tool but I was having problems so I decided to use the color replace tool which worked perfectly.

Here is the final result of my editing. As you can see I have changed the skin color but was unable to change his nose and ears. Hopefully, by the next few classes, I will be successfully able to change the ears and nose.

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One Response to Pixlr Project Update

  1. ashleypmurray says:

    Hopefully you are able to catch up and cover a few more things so that you have some content to discuss in your presentation. Looks like you have learned a few things but there also looks like there is a lot more to learn.


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