Pixlr Project 1

For the past week, I have been working on an application called pixlr with my partner Zain.  So far I have completed one project and am currently working on another one which will be ready by next week. The project I have completed is editing a bunch of photos on top of a famous basketball player “Lebron James”.

I started by finding an image that was sport related but showed a miraculous feat. I came across this image of a two-time gold medalist Lebron James ducking when playing against the cars in game 2. I wanted to put emojis under the Celtics players faces because in that game they lost by 50 points and a fire emoji on Lebron’s hand to show how Lebron was unstoppable in that game.


Most of you guys would think that this would be fairly easy but for some reason when I layer these emoji in they were in a white box. In this screenshot, I used the magic wand tool to remove the white outline from the fire and dragged it using the click feature on pixlr.

Progress and Obstacles

This screenshot shows how difficult the magic tool was. for some reason it was malfunctioning and the tool was on cropping certain parts of the layer.

Finally, I got the tool to work properly and placed the image over the distressed players. It took many tries and almost an hour playing around with the tool and it worked.


In the future, I expect to be finishing my next project which is changing the skin color and facial features of a human This is far more complex than my first project and is expected to take more time as well.

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One Response to Pixlr Project 1

  1. ashleypmurray says:

    Looks like you have been learning some fun ways to edit images. Please make sure that the images you are using are creative commons that you are allowed to remix.


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