Tackling PhotoShop

As our society is moving towards a more technology-based future, my partner and I believe that learning how to use some software like Photoshop and iMovie may be very useful assets in the future. Photoshop is an application where the user is able to edit and change a photo for any means. Usually, photoshop is used for online advertising and graphics design, both technology based jobs. It can also be used for altering something minor without retaking the photo. An example of this is if you took a photo of yourself and the only problem was you closed your eyes. You could take a photo of your eyes and crop it over your face, then you can shade it in place. I plan on presenting a slide show to my class with multiple before and after photos showing how we used photoshop to alter or change a photo.

image from photoshop website

The first challenge we faced was the price tag. Adobe has hidden the price tag on their website behind tons of different applications and software bundles. This made it extremely hard to find a price for the software. Eventually, after looking for some time we found it under the product subtitle. It cost $19.99 a month or $9.99 for the basic version. For us students that seemed a bit too expensive so we looked into our university having some type of class that uses photoshop because my partner’s dad is a professor. At the moment we are still looking for a free version but if all else fails we will probably fork out the $19.99.

image from Pixlr website

Our group’s goals for the upcoming week is to have the software install and have a basic understanding of how to use photoshop. We should have started our first project and be close to finishing it. A backup plan if all else fails is an app called Pixlr which is free and a bit easier to use. It has gotten relatively positive reviews on popular forums like Reddit and is free to use.

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