Steve Wozniak and his impacts on technology


Steve Wozniak was born in August 11, 1950 in San Jose, California. He dropped out of the University of California Berkeley to pursue his dreams of developing hardware for computers. There he met Steve Jobs and founded the company Apple which has grossed about 53 billion dollars last year. Apple is a mobile and computer giant which most of you guys would be familiar with, but just like other companies, Apple started as a hobby. In fact it was started in Steve Jobs bedroom and then in the garage.

This was Apple original logo, via Free Domain

Steve Wozniak technological impact

Many may be wondering why I picked Steve Wozniak over Steve Jobs, and that is because Stave Wozniak was the brain behind all these Apple products while Steve Jobs was the figure that sold the idea to many people around the world. Steve Wozniak developed the first Apple computer in 1976 which lead to what Apple is today. If Steve Wozniak was not in Apple, it would be a fraction of what it is today. Apple at the moment is the leading developer of phones and has a huge sum of the laptop and computer market. This means that Apple is one of the most influential companies of all time and the biggest information technology company.

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in their garage via Flickr

The world without Steve Wozniak

Steve Wozniak has made one of the largest companies in the world that has brought great innovations like touch screen smart phones, extremely thin laptops and an ecosystem that simultaneously connects all Apple devices together. If Steve Wozniak was not here most of these technological innovations may never been know and all of us would still be using keyboards attached to our phones. Many companies like Microsoft, Samsung and Google where inspired by Apples innovations and put them in there own products, meaning that many other brands would be far behind if Apple was not created.

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4 Responses to Steve Wozniak and his impacts on technology

  1. zain says:

    Hey Zarak! Your blog is very well summarized and includes all the important and exciting facts about Steve’s life. Your post is very organized and well thought-out. The only thing i would suggest is to have links back to the original photo and to bold your sub headings. Otherwise, your blog is amazing. Is Steve Wozniak your biggest inspiration?

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  2. shakblogip10 says:

    Zarak I loved your blog about Steve Wozniak! I learned lots of new information about Steve that I never knew before reading this post. Next time I would like to see more pictures and links, great work Zarak.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. zarakagha says:

    Thanks for reading my blog, Shak do you have a recommended amount of photos to put on my blog. Zain, what did you mean by bolding the subtitles. To answer your question about Steve Wozniak being my biggest inspiration, he is.


  4. This was a well written blog zarak. He seems like a very important person in technology as a whole. It was nice to know about Steve Wozniak, or as people call him, the WOZ.

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