Is the Nintendo Switch Worth it.

The Nintendo Switch is the newest console by Nintendo and has taken the market by storm by selling 1.5 million units since launch of march 13, 2017. Personally for me, I had a lot of trouble getting my hands on a console due to the popularity of it, but I finally got one on March 23, 2017 and here is my review of the Console.


The Nintendo Switch’s core functionality is changing from console mode in a dock to portable mode with a screen. Nintendo has made this functionality seamless by pulling the console out of the dock whenever you want and having the same game playing on a much smaller screen. It has an aluminum build and hard plastic joy cons that can be pulled out of the portable device when playing in console mode. The joy cons are in the smaller side of controllers but they are still comfortable to hold. The screen is 720p but will upscale to 1080p when put in the dock. Its has a solid build quality and feels durable when holding it.

Photo Via Nintendo of America


There are about 81 games being scheduled to release later on in the year including Mario Kart, Skyrim, NBA 2K 18 and Splatoon 2. There are only 21 games out now at the moment but more than half of them are remakes of older games. One of the launch titles Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild has been on of the most successful games of all time scoring 10/10 in IGN game reviews.

My Opinion

The Nintendo Switch is a promising piece of hardware that can be very successful if Nintendo release more games for it. The price tag of $399 is at the pricier sides but is totally worth it because you will be getting a console and portable experience in one. The game library is a bit on the weaker sides at the moment but is promised to increase with up to 81 games coming up within this year and more in the upcoming years. Overall I give this console an 9/10 because it is a unique console with amazing features and a unique gaming experience.

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5 Responses to Is the Nintendo Switch Worth it.

  1. zain says:

    Very intriguing blog Zarak! I was wondering about the nintendo switch and it’s popularity since release. Your blog is very informative and has answered many questions I had about the console. I was just wondering if there is a live version for nintendo, like xbox live or ps4 plus?


  2. Good blog Zarak, I like how your blog is very intriguing and I like your love for the Nintendo switch which is a very knew game console. Just have more pictures so we can see more of the Nintendo


  3. zarakagha says:

    Thank you for the kind comments Abdurrahman and Zain. Zain, you asked if the Nintendo Switch had an online feature similar to the Xbox and PlayStation counterparts. The answer is yes and it’s free till close to the end of the year where they will start charging money for the online feature just like the Xbox and PlayStation.


  4. ashleypmurray says:

    Did you buy the switch? When I saw the commercials for it I thought it that it was a pretty neat concept. The fact that you can take the game wherever you go is a new idea. In the past it was necessary to have a Gameboy or Nintendo DS in order to game outside your house. And although you could game on these devices you couldn’t continue the same games you were playing on your Nintendo system in your house. I’m curious to see what the battery life would be in the handheld device.


  5. zarakagha says:

    Thank you for taking the time to read this article. I have recently purchased the Switch from an EBgames in the south. It was extremely hard to find because it was sold out everywhere. On Nintendo’s website, it says the Nintendo Switch will last upwards to six hours without needing a charge but for me I’ve gotten closer to the 5 and a half hour range which is more than enough for quick moments of gaming.


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