Unplugging from the Online World

Technology has made life easier for many people including me, but too much technology can be harmful to everyone. Sometimes taking a break from the online world and conversing with other people will help with your social skills. Garry Turk, a Youtuber had made a video that has gone viral with over 53 million views. His video was about how disconnecting from online may lead to a far better life and a relationship. This article will discuss how taking a break from technology will make your life far better than never taking a break. Even one day may drastically how your future may go.

Bloodshed Around The World

One benefit from taking a break is not being exposed to the real world. The reason I say this is a benefit is because nowadays there is a lot of bloodshed and pain around the world and being exposed to this can put you in a bad mood and give you depression. Taking a break from all this heartbreak around the world will get you in a better mood. This doesn’t mean you should not care about what is going on, but taking a break from the outside world for a day will put you in an overall better mood.

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Socialize and Go Outside

Another benefit of disconnecting from online is that you focus more energy on the outdoors and socialize with other people. Having new friends will let you feel like you belong and that you matter. This is especially important due to such a large suicide rate in Canada. Approximately 12 people commit suicide for every 100,000 people. Lack of socializing is one of the biggest issues regarding suicide rate. Also as the obesity rate rises fewer people are going outside and instead are focussing their energy on the internet. Taking breaks from the online world and going outside will significantly help with your health and wellbeing.

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Focus on more important Tasks

Finally, the internet will distract people from their job or studies. People may get distracted from doing something far more important if they focus so much time on their phone. This is especially important for teens and young adults because they are in school and it is vital for them to put a lot of effort in their studies because that will determine their future and how successful they will be.


In conclusion, I think that it is a good idea to take a break or lower the amount of technology usage for many reasons including not being exposed to bloodshed all the time, socializing and going outside and finally focussing on more important tasks. This doesn’t mean we should stop using technology altogether but taking a break once in awhile will positively affect us.

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One Response to Unplugging from the Online World

  1. ashleypmurray says:

    You have some good points, but the information in your links is a little bit random and not tied to the topic. The link about suicide rates states that 90% of suicidal people have mental health and addiction issues but you mention that lack of socializing is the number one cause of suicides. The bloodshed that is happening around the world can easily be avoided online but it is also a reality that we cannot escape unfortunately. I’m not sure that disconnecting from technology helps us feel better about the bloodshed because we know that it’s still happening even though we have disconnected. Your blog should never have a set conclusion either, remember this is not a paper but more of a personal writing log.


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