Best Screen Recording Site for Free


In our IP class, we were assigned a task in which we had to record tutorials on Microsoft Word. Our teacher gave us two websites that we can use that will record our voices and the screen. These sites were Screen Castify and Screen-Cast-O-Matic. This was the first time I was introduced to these websites and the interface was very pleasing. I have minor complaints about both but overall I would recommend these two screen casting programs to beginners and people who want to do basic screen recording.

Via Public Domain

      Screen Castify 

When I typed the link my teacher provided in my chrome browser I was greeted to the chrome web store. When I downloaded the application, the icon appeared on the top right-hand corner of my chrome browser. The software was very easy to use and I like the idea in which we can choose an application that we can screen cast. A couple issues I had with the software was that I was forced to log in to google. This wasn’t much of a problem to me but for someone who has an email on some other website might need to create two accounts just to access it. Another minor complaint was that there were no options to crop parts of the screen off and there is no stop button. The interface was very simple and basic and I had no problem running this on windows and mac.

Via Screen Castify Website


This screen casting software was far more complex than the previous one. It had a stop and start button, easy cropping and an option to publish it straight to YouTube without downloading it. I had a couple issues running this on my Macbook and it took way longer that Screen Castify. Once I got it starting it was very easy to use and I had already started recording within the first 5 minutes. Overall I like Screen-Cast-O-Matic because of how professional it seemed yet how easy and intuitive it really was.

My Take

I would recommend both Screen Castify and Screen-Cast-O-Matic because they both produced decent quality screen recording for free. They both are also quite easy to use and would only take a couple of minutes to set up. In my opinion, it was easier for me to use Screen Castify because you just have to log in to a google account and record while the other program has multiple settings and configurations.If you like to see the videos I created using these programs click the link here and here.


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  1. ashleypmurray says:

    For your videos you should embed them right in the blog otherwise they can be looked over by the reader as just a link. How long do each of these programs allow you to record for? Are you able to save the files easily?


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