Doppelme Review and New Avatar

Recently students in my IP 10 class were in the need of an avatar for their blogs profile picture. We needed a profile picture so we can attract readers and shows that our blogs are active. The website my teacher told us to use was doppelme, a website solely made for creating avatars.


Once we arrived on the website we noticed it looked very outdated compared to other avatar websites I’ve seen in the past like bitmoji and Edmodo avatars.


Once the site fully loaded it took several seconds for the website to register clicks from my touchpad. This made it extremely slow and painful to make an avatar. When the options of customizing the avatar finally appeared there was a lack of options for design. This forced me to create an account for extra features. It was a long and tedious procedure to create an account, ironically it was easier for me to create a PayPal account which proves how terrible the website truly is. I had to fill in a lot of information and got an email 5 minutes after I registered. To my disbelief I had to put in a code which was around 11 letters, included in that email, they created a password that was odd and confusing even though when I registered before it told me to create my own. I would warn anyone from this website due to how bad the experience was for me and will try to refrain from that website whenever I can.


My avatar represents me in many ways. First of all, I tried to make him look like me, but the options were very limited. My camo shirt represents my style and clothes I like to wear. I tried to make the skin colour like mine but there was an issue on the website where all of the colours looked off.

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3 Responses to Doppelme Review and New Avatar

  1. bilalb12 says:

    I enjoyed your blog here, it provided insightful information regarding I hope to see you continue to create blogs like this one.


  2. Ruuney says:

    I think your post was, unexpected, to say the least. Since you had created an avatar on the site, I just thought you would have been happy with the results, and that you would say the site was nice. I personally think that you went a bit overboard when you said the site was “truly terrible”. I just think you could have stated your opinion more nicely. Aside with the cons, I found your post interesting. I liked how you had created your avatar similar to yourself, to give me a sight of what you actually look like. Just a suggestion, when you’re linking to a website, you should make it come in a different tab so the readers don’t have to click back to you post.


    • zarakagha says:

      I do believe we were forced to use as an avatar so I had no choice on what my avatar was. Due to how many issues I faced on the website I do believe terrible is a good word to describe my experience. Thank you for your opinion and I will put my blogs on the front page next time.


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