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Next Generation Console Comparison

Next generation Consoles The past 3 years have been an amazing time for game console enthusiasts because Microsoft and Sony released their next generation game consoles. The new devices have been in the market for some time and the Sony PlayStation has … Continue reading

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Doppelme Review and New Avatar

Recently students in my IP 10 class were in the need of an avatar for their blogs profile picture. We needed a profile picture so we can attract readers and shows that our blogs are active. The website my teacher told … Continue reading

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Good and Bad Comments

Comments are essential to increase the quality of work and give proper feedback to the authors. A prime example of how important comments are, is on a blog like mine. Blogs were created to deliver a message to an audience … Continue reading

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The iPhone is Amazing

Image above is copyleft under GNU Free Documentation License. Electronics have impacted many of our lives and made it easier to complete certain tasks with them. The image shown above is a picture of an iPhone. The significance of this one electronic … Continue reading

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